Meet the 2024 Camp CounSOLors

By Camp CounSOLor Sydney

As we say goodbye to Summer Camp Music Festival as we know it, we welcome a new SOLmate to the twenty-year-old festival we’ve all come to know and love as home: Summer Camp Presents: SOLshine Reverie. Several discussions have flourished since the announcement of SOLshine Reverie last May – how is the festival different? What does this mean for the musical acts? Which stages are being changed? For me, however, I asked “What happens to the Camp Counselor Program?” 

I’m happy to share, it’s not going anywhere. It just received a facelift. After brainstorming sessions with my fellow Camp Counselors, we decided we’d now be known as Camp CounSOLors. Our spirit, enthusiasm and passion for Summer Camp is still very much present in each of our lives and we’re thrilled the spirit of the Camp Counselor program is flowing strong in the Summer Camp community. There’s so much to look forward to this year and we’re excited to share what’s on each of our minds. Read on to meet the 2024 Solshine Reverie Camp CounSOLors.

Camp CounSOLor Andrew

Plenty of people head to Three Sisters Park every Memorial Day weekend and have done so for years; they know the place inside and out, every nook and cranny. I look forward to a shared sense of rediscovery and exhilaration including a new map layout, new stages, new artists and beyond. Solshine Reverie is the perfect combo of exploration and the comfort of home. The last few years have really done a number on all of us in some way or another, and nothing tickles the brain like something new, even if it’s in a familiar setting. There are also people who have attended SCamp for every single year of its iteration; they may think they know it all, but there are always surprises around every corner. 

Camp CounSOLor Ashlee

Summer Camp has always held a special place in my heart, and it’s been a joy being a part of the Camp Counselor team since 2018. The friendships and memories I’ve made at this festival have meant the world to me, and as soon as it was announced that SCamp was going to be re-imagined as a new event, I knew that I wanted to be a part of its next chapter.

There is so much I look forward to for the inaugural year of Solshine Reverie. For me, the people are always one of the things I look forward to the most, and I can’t wait to see the familiar faces of those who I’ve shared dances with at Three Sisters Park year after year after year. From the Camp CounSOLors, to Uncle Randy, to the people I’ve befriended in the Wookie Woods – I look forward to seeing them all.

And of course, there’s the music. My father introduced me to moe. when I was a wee lass, and falling in love with moe. is what inspired me to start attending SCamp. My favorite part of SCamp has always been the diversity of its lineups, and I’m excited to see that carry over to Solshine Reverie. The String Cheese Incident, STS9 and Maddy O’Neal all in one weekend? Say less.

Camp CounSOLor Cat

Of course, I’m most looking forward to simply returning to Three Sisters Park. My yearly visit to the magical place many of us call home is my opportunity to reunite with all of my dear friends and family, some of which I only see once a year. I always look forward to meeting new people and connections; you never know who will inspire you, crack a random silly joke when you need it most, or if you’re lucky, you’ll meet a new life long friend. Although we will see some changes in Solshine Reverie, I am also looking forward to less conflicting set times, which gives me the opportunity to do my favorite thing in the entire world – taking photos of my favorite artists. Can’t wait to see all of you soon and smile for the camera!

Camp CounSOLor Derek

For my 23rd year at Three Sisters Park, this will be the first time I get to see all of the String Cheese Incident boys on one stage. Many of the band members have been to Summer Camp with various projects and have been interviewed by Camp CounSOLers – including me. I’m also thrilled to hear of the return of Umphrey’s McGee. These gentlemen are the festival and always have been. As for the rebrand to Solshine Reverie, my family knows I go to Summer Camp every year. Shhh! Don’t tell them it’s something new and exciting! 

Camp CounSOLor Kenly

There’s so much to get excited about with the rebrand to Solshine Reverie, but topping my list is the Moonshine Stage now going late each night! Also, this might be a hot take, but I’m actually looking forward to fewer stages which means less schedule overlap and more music without running all over the park. I’m also super pumped for the debut of the NEW Campfire Stage. It’s always been a SCamp staple, and this year it’s coming back bigger and better than ever! Plus, there will be even more fun beyond the stages with Solshine Reverie bringing in more performers, fire performers and art installations to get lost in. Let’s gooo! 

Camp CounSOLor Niki 

Summer Camp is, and forever will be, home and I can’t wait to be back in Chillicothe this week! I’m looking forward to checking out the new, tighter layout. The whole new Campfire stage and field seem like an excellent solution to revive one of our best stages and provide that crowd (and Sunrise Kickball) even more space. It’ll be nice to gather round a new Campfire at night and it’s perfectly nestled between Moonshine and the Illumination Woods. As an EDM lover, I’m super stoked to see that space expand as well! We’ll surely miss Sunshine and Starshine stages, but what an amazing idea to offer more car camping and be able to camp in one of SCamp’s most special spots! I love the new amenities provided in the Soulcare space but am most looking forward to major Moonshine throwdowns and getting back into the Red Barn!  Really, I’m just ready to return to Three Sisters for four days of my favorite fun-packed fest and scream even louder than those cicadas!

Camp CounSOLor Sasha

I’m looking forward to getting back to the roots of Summer Camp Music Festival a bit. There won’t be as much running around from stage to stage and I’ll be able to savor the sets of the bands I love. I’ll also be able to bounce around more to discover new stuff and enjoy all the other things Solshine Reverie has to offer like SOULPATCH. My 150th Umphrey’s McGee show will also take place at the festival and I can’t wait for Watermelon Steve to hoist me up on his shoulders in the pit during the show. And of course I’m excited for The Disco Biscuits to close down The Campfire stage – good thing it’s already a fire so they can’t burn it down!

Camp CounSOLor Sydney

Not only am I stoked to reconnect with my “SCamp Fam” once more, I’m looking forward to the stellar acts on the lineup including Big Gigantic, The Werks and Mihali. I cannot think of more fabulous acts to grace the first ever Solshine Reverie stages. Since interviewing Big Gigantic in 2022, I feel like they are an absolute staple to the festival even if they’re not performing solo. Gigantic Underground Conspiracy Red Barn set anyone? It also wouldn’t be a Summer Camp production without Midwest favorites, The Werks who have played the festival for 10+ years. And finally, although Twiddle is on a hiatus after several years in the scene, frontman Mihali makes his way back to Three Sisters Park for two incredible sets. I can’t wait to rage with all you SOLmates! 

We also couldn’t forget our fellow Camp CounSOLors who are not able to attend this year including Camp CounSOLor Allyce, Camp CounSOLor Bryce, Camp CounSOLor Eric and Camp CounSOLor Kayla. Program Coordinator and Camp CounSOLor Robert will be on-site all weekend long and is currently knee deep in executing the festival. We’ll see you out there SOLmates, only a few more sleeps!

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